Dog Walking

Dog walks are about so much more than just a toilet break. Regularly walking your dog provides physical exercise and mental stimulation, which can help maintain health and stave off boredom that may lead to unwanted behaviours. Walking also gives your dog the opportunity to socialise and interact with other dogs and have experiences with the outside world that can ultimately lead to a less stressed, well-rounded and adjusted dog.

We are so lucky to live in a part of Somerset where we have access to so many great areas to explore. Dogs love to discover new places and investigate new sights and smells. Mylo’s walk in a variety of locations locally, for your dog to get the most out of their walks.

Rather than reacting negatively to unwanted behaviour, Mylo’s believes in positive reinforcement and I like to focus on rewarding desired behaviours in ways such as play, verbal praise or a with tasty treat if allowed. This will make coming out for walks enjoyable and enhance the relationship between your dog and myself. I would like to stipulate that Mylo’s is by no means a dog training organisation and if you feel that you need help with your dogs behaviour, you should contact a qualified canine behaviourist.

If you decide that Mylo’s may be the dog walking friend for you, we will arrange a no obligation meeting for us to all get to know each other and go through the necessary paperwork before our first outing. This initial meeting would be free of charge of course!

Did you know?  The RSPCA recommend that no dog be left alone for more than 4 hours.