Pet Sitting

Whether you’re out at work for the day, going on holiday or into hospital, your pets still deserve to be cared for to the highest standards.

If you are at work or away for the day, Mylo’s can offer short visits once or twice a day for companionship, cleaning out and feeding.  This service is also great for the very young, unwell or elderly dogs where walking isn’t suitable for them.

If you are away from home for a longer period and need someone to take care of your pets overnight, Mylo’s can temporarily move into your house to maintain some normality for your pets, providing company for them and some added home security for your property.

Every visit is tailored to your pets requirements and if you decide that Mylo’s may be the pet sitting service for you, we will arrange a free, no obligation meeting for us to all get to know each other. During this meeting we will go through the necessary paperwork and have a home orientation, before the first visit.

Did you know? Rabbits are highly loving and sociable creatures that can also be taught to respond to cues with reward-based training.